Cristian Lawrence Graphic Designer Beard


My name is Cristian Lawrence, and I run ColourCrime, my own slice of creative pie.

I currently work for the London based Agency SESOME as Creative Lead and Digital Designer where I have worked with some well known brands such as Bookatable and Dealchecker. Before that I worked for the Leeds based creative agency 1 To Create, where I was also the lead designer and driving force behind the company’s creative direction. At any given time you will likely find me elbow deep in digital media, branding and development, print, web mocks, client pitches and management. A little bit of everything which quickly turns into a lot of everything.

A little further back I worked for 4 years at Asda’s Head Office as the online branding/creative/point of sale designer. I was also part of the marketing and social side of the business from rubbing shoulders with the many teams through large scale collaborative projects; I’m no stranger to how the client side ticks and have been heavily involved in this part of the journey.

Colour Crime is my own little design haven, a way for me to connect with clients / freelance and show off some of the work I have done to date.

I’m always happy to talk about upcoming projects, your ideas and future collaborations. If that tickles you in the right place, you can contact me on the drop down above and / or find me on Facebook and Twitter. A new challenge is a good challenge.

Now, head to my portfolio for a taste of some of the projects I have been involved with.