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The (First Ever) Dot York Design Conference

Dot York is a (not so, now) new design conference in York, England, which did its best to knock some attentive socks off on it’s first ever appearance.

This is a small shout out to the guys that run DotYork, I popped over to York from Leeds for the first ever session they had on May 1st this year, and…thought it was the bees leg joints.

Jonic, the guy running the show, seemed a little nervous (rightly so, big crowd) but played it off well with a bit of humour and back and forth with the crowd.

Without really going too much into it (though my Moleskine is jammy packed with scribbles and notes re this event) here is the line up of the speakers and their social handle on Twitter. It is likely you will know some, but if you don’t I highly recommend you give them a follow as each of them had something pertinent to discuss, with a lot of character and personality, which leaks onto their social streams:

James Young – “The things you learn when you are the client” – @welcomebrand

Ashley Baxter – “I suck at my job” – @iamashley

Craig Lockwood – “Plough your own furrows” – @craiginwales

Rachel Shilcock – “Fear” – @missrachilli

Stuart Goulden – “Making a business” – @StuGoulden

Harry Roberts – “Don’t you wish you’d done it sooner” – @csswizardry

Laura Kalbag – “Learning to be a designer” – @laurakalbag

Now it is likely that I will come back and pay homage to some of the above speakers that struck more of a chord. For now though, take my word for it that DotYork was a great, albeit small ish conference and day out. It is GREAT to see something like this around the West Yorkshire area, and if you get a chance get your round little bum down to one of their frequently run sessions.

You can get tickets at and follow them at @dot_york.

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