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When Did Comic Sans Become The Bad Guy

Comic Sans is considered the biggest joke in the font families (Helvetica??), but does it really deserve the utter ridicule it gets?

How much do you actually know about Comic Sans? As designers we are conditioned by our peers from a young (professional and academic) age to snort derisively at the very mention of the name Comic Sans, and with a raised eyebrow mock those who use it without knowing the ‘truth’ of why it should be left well out of any typographical project.

I never really understood why it was so hated, and I must admit back in my youth (before I had ever even heard the word ‘Adobe’) I had thought Comic Sans was a cool font for, you know…comics.

Obviously I have since learned to treat it like the creepy uncle everyone tries to ignore, but I recently came across the following video that works well in it’s defense. And deservedly so if you don’t mind my saying.

I’m not suggesting you will start frantically flinging Comic Sans at your design work, we will leave that school teachers and ten year old girls, but hopefully you may learn something about it’s history and come away the more open minded about it’s usage etc and stuff:

Hope you enjoyed!

Love CCx

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