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Why Designers Are Not Like Hairdressers

You’re clearly thinking: ‘Graphic design and cutting hair? The similarities are far too numerous, it’s obvious to any common Joe that the these two professions are identical.’

I’ve had a quick look though, and it turns out they aren’t… seriously. I know right?

So here is the journey as you might know it:

If you are the one who is wanting work done, you might first of all choose the design you want, or do some research into the sort of style you like and collect a few examples to show later on.

You will then do some research, and perhaps end up by referral to a place you would trust with the task. Somewhere that may specialise in the style you are after and within your desired price range (knowing full well how much you are willing to spend etc).

You then make your visit, have chat about the job and then work can start. At a few intervals you will be asked if the work looks good and whether you are happy to continue… which of course you will say yes as you already knew what you wanted (and no one involved is a complete orange peel).

Eventually, the job will finish, you will be satisfied will the overall result and you promptly pay up what you owe. No quibble, no protest no problem.

What a simple and pleasant hair cut that was! And let’s be honest, you look just great with a centre parting mullet.

Ideally the same process would be true of a design journey, but there are a lot of times when the customer can be a bit of a tricky… customer.

Designer: So how would you like it to look?

Client: Something classy and trashy. And green.

Designer: How do you like it so far?

Client: Love it! But can we please change the original concept, my mother in law wasn’t keen on it…

Designer: Finished! How would you like to complete payment?

Client: …

Designer: Hello?

There are real stories in the world by some occasionally disgruntled designers. They post them online over at clientsfromhell and can be good for a titter or two.

Just to be clear, this is worst case scenario. Many many clients are great to work with and are both savvy and professional and nothing at all like the above!

Go and take a look at some anecdotes, I go and catch up on the new posts from time to time, they are definitely worth a visit.

ColourCrime x

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